Buy 3D Laptop Stickers

Custom Freaks now offers you personalization at the level of perfection with its customized Laptop 3D stickers. The size of these stickers is 3 x 3 inches, but there is always an option of increasing or decreasing the size on basis of demand.

These 3D stickers are not only for the purpose of sticking on your laptops, but along with that you can stick them on any kind of gear or gadgets such as xbox, play station, Gameboys etcetera. Furthermore, you can always customize your bicycles, suitcases, and the bumper of your cars, your cupboards and your drawer with these 3D stickers and take your imagination to as far as it goes.  

The Term 3D suggests that these stickers have a pop up effect which makes the stickers look more realistic than the usual ones. We at Custom freaks put an immense amount of emphasis on the quality of our products, which is the same case with our 3D stickers.

We have a large gallery of ideas for you to pick & choose from according to your taste & interest. Along with that, we offer you a chance to create your own 3D sticker by simple providing us with your ideas and astonish us with your ability of creative thinking.

Each 3d Stickers featured size is 3x3 inches which can be change according to your requirement.

  • 199/- for 1
  • 899/- for 5 
  • 1499/- for 10
  • 2299/- for 20

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