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Custom Freaks offers customized women tote bags which are Lightweight & easy to carry around casually. These custom made hand bags which are known to be pretty tough in terms of durability. custom freaks allows you tocreate your own tote bags online for free or send us your images, art and whatever you want to print on your tote bag. we offers tote bags with ample amount of space for you to keep everything of necessity that you are carrying with yourself, inside them having your hands free to perform other tasks. FEATURES There is a wide range of designs available for you to pick from. Both sides of the bags are to be printed with one of the designs in a premium quality, covering the entire Tote Bag giving it a flawless look overall. The size of the bag is 13 x 16 inches making it large enough to keep your stuff in but size reasonable to carry around with you. The manufacturing materials used in making the tote bags are polypoplin parachute polyester, making the bags legit by providing them enhanced quality finishing. The tote bag is overall quite spacious, having a space for average 1500 – 2000 pages. The Tote bags have become a basic necessity for an individual to carry around when involved in an activity such as shopping. It becomes a helpful companion, keeping all your important things in one place.

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